worth getting up for this fall

beaufort, nc

Worth getting up for this fall: Kev and Angela’s wedding; college basketball, and thus our UNCWBB season tickets starting; house shows; soups in the crock pot; ostentatious displays of Christmas lights; boats covered in Christmas lights; making people I love go look at things that horrify and amaze me all at once; the re-created Rathskellar lasagna; sweaters for kittens; planning trips for the spring; Thanksgiving dinner; Mockingjay Part 2; buying presents for people I love for the holidays; discovering some new photographers and digging through their work for inspiration; Adam and Sheila getting engaged; Hanna and Jameson getting engaged; when Ty answered the Reverb Line; Gary Williams, still sweaty and angry; road trips with shep.; sandwiches; apple cider and champagne; naps.

worth getting up for this summer

fourth of july

Worth getting up over the summer and September: visits from old friends; enormous grill dinners; the USWNT winning the World Cup; Kacey Musgraves’ Pageant Material; floppy hat night at Camden Yards; walk-off home runs; my sister’s puppies and our kittens; Trav, forever; episodes of Psych I haven’t seen before; True Detective, mostly; summer productions of Gilbert & Sullivan; Leverage; the new Sara Paretsky and the new Margaret Maron and the new Kathy Reichs and the new JD Robb novels; Jenny Lawson’s Furiously Happy; tomatoes and peppers I grew myself; the new furniture and art in the bedroom; Hopscotch day parties; Frank Turner’s Positive Songs For Negative People; Dan Schram giving me a photo pass for Hopscotch Main Stage on Saturday; American Aquarium and X and Dwight Yoakam on that stage; Beasley’s chicken; Carrboro Music Festival; people I love; Langhorne Slim’s The Spirit Moves; Langhorne Slim and Pokey Lafarge live; Nick Chubb running the dang ball for the Dawgs; crockpot soup; my new camera bag from Epiphanie; naps.

worth getting up for so far in 2015

these are some dopey kittens

Worth getting up for: Trav; Trav living in my house; Trav’s couch; the kittens; Scott Antique Market in Atlanta; the grill on my back porch; North Carolina getting green; baseball; the NBA playoffs; house concerts; Smitten Kitchen’s roasted tomato Israeli pearl couscous recipe; kebabs; my garden; the Carolina wren nesting in my watering can planter; obsessing about gardens via Pinterest; the new Kacey Murgraves album, the new Leon Bridges album, the new Courtney Barnett album; Games of Thrones and True Detective, the Parks & Rec finale, and Grimm; every email conversation with Allie, ever; the Warriors winning the NBA and what a fun year the Hawks had; the Carolina women’s basketball team; sitting at the Bosh with shep. because I missed the baseball team; saving money; feeling like a grown-up; beer; naps; sunshine; having the windows open; all my plants that aren’t dead yet; making things; wind chimes; continued existence.

are we outta the woods yet

atlanta, august 2014

1. tales of new year’s festivities

I took the afternoon off to watch TCU kick the crap out of Ole Miss, napped through Boise’s win, and then enjoyed the hell out of Georgia Tech whooping on Mississippi State, while eating half a wedge of brie, pantsless, in bed.

2. accounting for some unfinished business

are we outta the woods yet / are we outta the woods yet

3. envisioning the year ahead

Trav is moving into my house in 21 days. We’re going to kick each other’s asses and laugh a lot and throw dinner parties and make great art and go see the women’s basketball team and go to his best friend’s wedding. I’m going to write more and shoot more and go to Texas to go to Marfa with Allie again. I’m going to start leaving the house again. I’m going to watch a lot of baseball. I’m gonna be in love.

4. any sort of resolutions

As always:

Shoot Tay Tay.
Be happy.
Win lottery.

5. an extended and unfortunately eloquent harangue

2014, you were a dumpster fire of a miserable wretched year. 2014, I fell in love with my best friend in the world all over again during you. Go die in a fire, and thanks.

6. a final thought composed in silence

’cause others may know where you’re going / but honey, i know where you’ve from

I remain, as always, grateful for Travis, the goddamn love of my life, my favorite person, who is weird enough to want to spend the rest of his life with me. And also for shep., the axis, Allie, Adam and Sheila, all my fandom girls from all over, Nikon lenses, press passes, the back room at the Cradle, Josh Ritter and Mason Jennings and Frank Turner, the college football playoff, my house, live music, swimming pools both full and empty, running, the Shutdown Fullcast and the Right Reasons, naps, and beer.

worth getting up for in july

the shilohs @ local 506

Worth getting up for in July: the Orioles in first place; two new posts on the hot dog blog; Wild Child; PHOX; the Shilohs and the Fresh & Onlys and Estrangers; Merge 25; old college friends; the new student books from Carleton with old college friends; mozzarella cheese; cold roast chicken; my dad; two new plants; big ideas; wanting to paint my ceiling blue; alone time; Dadsplaining, aka fixing things you didn’t know needed fixing; the vents in my house that no longer smell like cat pee; Willie Breeding; Cat Summitt; quality Rodney time; days off; putting my arms around Trav in Hartsfield; OPI’s James Bond nail polish; the external hard drive I’ve had since 2004; songvids; the Frank Turner YouTube Vortex; has jon lester been traded dot com; Andrew Miller; how sweet Andrew Miller was to me in 2010; “I’d wear a Miller jersey if it didn’t have Boston on the front”; Andrew Miller in my bullpen at the trade deadline; a jersey, then; remembering my work ethic; seeing everyone I only see at Hopscotch at Merge, too; shep. coming home from vacation; naps; the shade of green that North Carolina still is only and ever; TMI emails with Allie; indie pop; Ex Hex; show announcements; the new Shakey Graves release; life.

worth getting up for in april

neighbor's yard #latergram

Worth getting up for in April: the house got ceilings and walls and some floors; time in Augusta with my sister; time in Atlanta with Trav, and that day he and I sat on the couch for 12 hours watching the NBA playoffs; Record Store Day; Allie visiting; the South in springtime; the flowers in my backyard; the new Christopher Moore; Rhett Miller live; Rhett Miller’s hips in those jeans live; long weekends; the new Old 97’s record; Starburst jellybeans on clearance; long conversations on porches; this Billboard interview with John Darnielle and Pete Wentz discussing the Cubs, because seriously just writing that sentence; challenging people I love to do things, and having them challenge me back; binge reading trashy serial mystery novels; bacon barbeque sauce cheeseburgers; Matt Wieters but not his facial hair; listening to five episodes of Marc Maron’s WTF in a row yesterday; the shade of green that only North Carolina gets in spring; naps.

worth getting up for in march

BAЯRØИ @ local 506

I can’t believe I haven’t made a Worth Getting Up For post since November. Maybe that’s why the last four months have sucked the big one. Anyway.

Worth getting up for in March: baseball; daffodils; picking out countertops and floors for the house; every single late night conversation with Trav; the guys from This Is American Music writing me First Album I Ever Bought posts; Typhoon and Dave Hause live; a spa day for my birthday; every single one of the six little black dresses that I bought; napping with Billy Donovan while the Billy-bot coached Florida to 18-0 and the Final Four; the satisfaction of cleaning out and packing up the living room; buying a new camera; getting “yes” responses from publicists that I expected “no” from; my sassy new black summer heels; Matt Wieters; Nelson Cruz; the Orioles’ opening day win; doing promo shots for the Cowboy; planning my next tattoo; the Noah Gundersen album; realizing that the best thing about long distance relationships is getting actual mail on the regular; honest-to-God mix CDs; the joy of being in love with someone with whom you can play the one-upmanship mix CD game; “That’s so good, that should have been mine” as relationship shorthand, still after all these years; Joe Flanigan’s alcoholic nose bloat; “The Gun Show got a new Auburn hat!”; a couple of days where the weather wasn’t completely shitty; realizing that there are an awful lot of people in my life who love me and want me to be happy; the biography of Leonard Cohen that Trav sent me for my birthday; Trav, just because he exists; naps.