college baseball: long beach state dirtbags @ unc


Oh, right, I have a blog. shep. and I went out to our first Heels baseball game of 2017 on Friday, because we’ve long been obsessed with the Long Beach State baseball team, one of the few teams in the NCAA who has a different official nickname / mascot than the rest of the university, and the Dirtbags almost never come out to the East Coast. JB Bukauskas threw a gem (7.0IN 2R 1ER 1BB 9K) and the offense stunk, the bullpen stunk, and the Dirtbags won.

But it’s at least fun to be able to literally say, “I can’t believe we lost to those Dirtbags.”

Right. This here blog. Maybe I’m back.

basketball: state and duke @ unc

college basketball: nc state @ unc

basketball: duke @ unc

Two tough, sad, frustrating games against rivals to end a tough, sad, frustrating season. Against State, the ladies were just exhausted; against Duke, well, you can’t do much against 7 for 8 shooting from behind the three point line in the first half. They lost today, in overtime, to Pitt in the ACC tournament, and I think this might just be a year we chalk up to learning, and wait to see what Jamie, Steph and Des bring us next year, with the additions of Paris Kea, Hadiya Bembry, and Hillary Fuller (who all sat out this year due to transfer rules or injuries) and a stellar incoming freshman class.

This wasn’t necessarily a fun season, but sometimes this kind of year are, well, necessary; I guess this one was. Thanks for every minute you busted your asses on the court, ladies, and we’ll see you in November.

baseball: oklahoma state @ unc

college baseball: oklahoma state @ unc, game 2

college baseball: oklahoma state @ unc, game 2

college baseball: oklahoma state @ unc, game 2


After a few years of shaky teams, this year’s UNC baseball team is already 4-1, after a great road series win against a higher ranked UCLA, and two walk-off victories against a top-10 OK State team. They’re very young — with a couple of freshman in the starting lineup, including Friday’s walk-off hero 2B Kyle Datres, who I suspect is going to be a hell of a lot of fun to watch the next three years — but they’ve got spine in ways that last year’s team and 2014’s didn’t necessarily. It takes a lot to roll back from giving up a first inning grand slam to win it in the bottom of the tenth against a good team, and yesterday they did just that.

shep. and I are going to have a fun year, I think.

(They also finally put argyle on the home whites, and I dig the hell out of it.)

basketball: louisville @ unc

basketball: louisville @ unc

It wasn’t this game — once again the short-handed Heels had their legs give out in the back half of the third quarter — but they did snap their rotten ACC losing streak on Sunday at BC.

We have VT on Thursday and hopefully we’ll start a winning streak this time around.

basketball: miami @ unc

women's basketball: miami @ unc

The very young, very short-benched Lady Heels are hitting a wall — with a short bench shortened further by the loss of Xylina McDaniel to an ACL tear for the rest of the season — and they’ve struggled continually since beating Syracuse a few weeks ago. We took my folks to see them play Miami, and while they hung in their for a half, Miami pulled away at the end of the game. They dropped Thursday’s game at Georgia Tech and face a deeper Duke team in Cameron this afternoon.

It’s hard watching the seniors — Hillary Summers, Xylina McDaniel missing her second straight season, N’Dea Bryant — suffer through this season, really hard. But we’re still watching and cheering and loving them.

Full Miami set is here.

basketball: clemson and syracuse

basketball: clemson @ unc

basketball: syracuse @ unc

Carolina started off the ACC season with two wins (before getting absolutely outgunned by a deep, talented Notre Dame team on the road yesterday). Trav wrote about Clemson here and Syracuse here.

My full photo sets are available in this collection.

basketball: app state @ unc

basketball: app state @ unc

basketball: app state @ unc

Last December, Trav came up to see me a couple weeks before Christmas, our last visit before he and his guitars moved here, and on a whim, I bought tickets to the App State / UNC women’s basketball game, just so we had something to do.

We, of course, had so much fun we bought a smaller package last year, and full season tickets this year, and App State is kind of another anniversary for us.

It wasn’t quite the rout that last year’s game was, but the Heels won, and I am deeply fond of both this basketball team and my boyfriend.

(Sylvia, on the other hand, wasn’t fond of the officiating. I love this photo because it’s the same face that Sylvia CATchell makes when her sister pees in the water bowl.)