concerts: slingshot cash @ local 506

slingshot cash @ local 506

The 506 has launched a new series, where 3 locals play sets at 3pm on a Sunday; this is a great idea, and this past Sunday Slingshot Cash played (with Smoothrays and the Stray Owls), and it was great.

Also Trav finally identified specifically what it is that I am disliking when I say that I hate guitar wanking and wave my hands around about jam-ish bands. “Oh!” he said. “You hate jazz chords.”

So I learned something: I hate jazz chords.

Full set is here.

slingshot cash house show

house show: slingshot cash

House shows can mean different things; on Saturday night, it meant a real stage on a lovely back patio, great food, good company. Obviously I’ve been watching Slingshot Cash play in various iterations for years now, but damn, y’all, I’m not just saying this because I’m fond of those dudes: they are sounding really, really great these days. The Cowboy’s songwriting is always stellar, and the band is just tight as hell, and they all look like they’re having a hell of time playing together. It’s the kind of show it’s a pleasure to watch.

house show: slingshot cash

house show: slingshot cash

house show: slingshot cash

house show: slingshot cash

concerts: slingshot cash @ the speakeasy

concerts: slingshot cash @ the speakeasy

concerts: slingshot cash @ the speakeasy

concerts: slingshot cash @ the speakeasy

concerts: slingshot cash @ the speakeasy

Slingshot Cash, latest lineup, played their first show at the Speakeasy in Carrboro last Thursday. They’re sounding damn good these days, and it was a pleasure to hear the way old songs get made new with new contributors, and all the new stuff, as well. You should go see them.

Full set here.

a weekend to rock

slingshot cash @ the cave

josh oliver & andrew marlin @ the station

Kicked off a long weekend of tons of shooting with two shows last night; Slingshot Cash at the Cave, and Josh Oliver & Andrew Marlin at the Station. Both great sets, low key, low light, warm and honest.

I’m going to swamp you guys with shots the next few days; be ready. This afternoon I got to spend a couple of hours hanging out with Mandolin Orange and Sinful Savage Tigers and Joshes Oliver and Moore, shooting Bottom String sessions with Grant. Great stuff from those coming after my nap.

slingshot cash — “too big to fail”

slingshot cash @ motorco garage

Last Friday, I was sitting at work sort of daydreaming and sort of staring at Occupy Herbstreit, and a song that the Cowboy had played for me over the summer slithered into my head. It was called “Too Big To Fail”, and it was something he’d written about the bank bailouts a couple of years ago but never recorded.

Because even though we’ve split, I am still a bossy bitch, so I texted him and told him he needed to record it and spread it around. Because he still likes me even though I’m stubborn and bossy, he did it. And I’ve got it.

If Occupy Wall Street needs a Woody Guthrie-style folk-twang protest song, and they do, this is the one for them:

[Slingshot Cash — “Too Big To Fail”] you’re too big to fail, you’re too big to fail/i guess you think that you’re too big to go to jail

The lyrics are over here, and if you dig it, pass that ReverbNation link to stream the track on.

This revolution is, of course, being Twittered and Tumbled.