if she asks you why

the gaslight anthem @ cat's cradle

you remind anna, if she asks why
that a thief stole my heart while she was making up her mind
i heard she lives in brooklyn with the cool
and goes crazy over that new york scene on 7th avenue

There’s this version of the Gaslight Anthem’s “Here’s Looking At You, Kid” that appears on the Live at Park Ave EP that, I think, was a Record Store Day release between The ’59 Sound and American Slang. It’s my favorite Gaslight song, and that’s my favorite version of it, because at the beginning of it, Brian Fallon laughs over the first verse, turning the name “Gail” from just a word into something joyful and gorgeous. Musicians laughing on live recordings; that’s a silver bullet for me.

the avett brothers @ cat's cradle

i haven’t finished a thing since i started my life
i don’t feel much like starting now
walking down lonely has worked like a charm
i’m the only one i have to let down

Took the week off after Hopscotch to recharge and sleep and recalibrate my brain, but I’ve got nine shows in the next ten days, and that’ll feel just as good as a week of sleep did. I’ll be back with good stuff starting Tuesday.