the trade deadline, emotionally

baseball: jacksonville suns @ carolina mudcats


In 2006, this guy pitched 7.1 against Cal State Fullerton, and Matt Danford balked, picked a guy off third, and got the win. 13 innings.

How can I not want someone whose starts I remember in that much detail in my bullpen?

baseball: mariners @ orioles

baseball: mariners @ orioles

If you watch a lot of college baseball, eventually players you love will make it to the major leagues. This is a familiar view, of Kyle Seager’s bubble butt and lazy slow approach to third base, a view that makes my heart ache a little, a view that still makes me want to yell GODDAMNIT, SEAGER, at every possible opportunity, a view that makes me damn proud because when he was 19 I watched him commit at least three throwing errors at second base that involved the ball flying somewhere into the right field stands. If you’d asked me in 2009 if I would see Kyle Seager play in a major league stadium in four years, I would have laughed so hard I cried.

Last night I got to, though, and I ragged him the whole game because I could, and because that’s what that familiar view means I can do. I watched him play second base for a whole season in 2008; outside his family, not a lot of other people can say that.

Full set, including a bunch of Manny and one of the Wieters running really, really hard, is here.

the man for whom the idiot man-children playing third base tag was coined

baseball: clemson at unc, game 1

brb, going to baltimore to see a man about a third baseman. a different third baseman.

well, also the same third baseman as before, it’s true, but also another one.

worth getting up for in june

southern culture on the skids @ berkeley cafe

Worth getting up for in June: the National at Red Hat; Shovels & Rope live; the Orioles still being over .500; sweeping the Yankees; Crush Davis (and his 31 home runs through the end of June); Southern Culture on the Skids at the Berkeley; that weekend I slept for, like, 65 hours (though not the bit where I slept that much because I was sick, but seriously, that is my dream life: sleep, read, take photos); editing my Fall Out Boy photos; shooting in the 9:30 club; hanging out with the kitties at Goathouse; rosemary and olive oil Triscuits; the Instamatic that Allie bought me; every episode of Pop Culture Happy Hour, which for some reason delighted me immensely more than even usual this month; eliminating State from the College World Series (and eliminating USCe from the tournament in general); making some new internet friends; the Replacements playing RiotFest; all the thunderstorms; how green everything is; This Week In Ladies; the filters at work deciding that TWIL was pornography, which I find indefinably hilarious, because just wow; naps.

perfection’s always flawed: a baseball mix

baseball: norfolk tides @ durham bulls

My all-time favorite photo of Matt Wieters, future of the Orioles organization, existed before the Big Bang, subject of all love songs ever written, bad ass new god. He hit a two-run homer in the first inning of the O’s first game today.

This is a playlist of baseball songs. You should listen to it, and share it. (For some reason I don’t understand because Spotify, it’s not showing all 16 songs in the playlist here. If you have Spotify and click through, you can see all of them, though.)