10: i've got a lot of things i want to sell

My name is Aggie, and I live in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I take photos and write about music, the local scene, baseball, figuring out how to make it as a professional photographer, and the creative process. I shoot Nikon, and I like old rangefinders, toy cameras, anything that leaks light, Apple computers, the Food Network and ESPN, vintage glassware, and beer. I work for the government and own a townhouse, where I live with my fiance Travis, two cats with 2031 women’s basketball victories between them, thousands of books, his 14 guitars, my sixteen cameras, and four televisions. I am terrible at being a grown-up. It’s a pretty good life.

I shoot freelance and contribute weekly to Speakers in Code and the Bottom String, and have worked regularly for press agencies and labels including Sneak Attack Media, Presswolf PR, Big Hassle Media, Girlie Action Media, 1-UP PR, Sub Pop Records, Warner Bros Records, Island / Def Jam, Atlantic, Fueled By Ramen, Merge Records, Bloodshot Records, and Southern indie collective This Is American Music.

If you’re interested in having me shoot your band, or a band you represent, or write about an album you’ve released, you can email me at asdonkar AT gmail DOT com. Streaming is good; somewhere I can download your album is better.

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. you do all athletic events, right? or do you limit your sports related photography to the heelies baseball? i might have to commission you soon. when i’m not poor.

    1. no, i just have the MOST photos of the tar heel baseball team because they’re really accessible. i will take photos of anything! especially for you. 🙂

  2. hey,
    thanks for the great pics of our band. i see you have interviewed other groups in the triangle. let us know if you need anything from us!

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