cities that love their sports teams too much

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If ever a city needed a self-help book, it was Baltimore: Towns That Love Sports Teams Too Much, and the Greedy Team Owners Who Use Them. — Laura Lippman, Charm City

I grew up in a town without a football team. The Colts were still in Baltimore for the first few years of my life, but just shy of two weeks after my 4th birthday, Bob Irsay packed the team into Mayflower moving vans and snuck them out of Baltimore in the middle of the night.

I grew up in a town where the baseball team was not a laughing stock. Sure, in 1988, the Orioles opened 0-21, which remains an MLB record, but in 1983, they won a World Series; in 1989, they produced the remarkable ‘Why Not?’ team; in 1996 and 1997 they could have and should have won two more World Series. In 1997, the last full calendar year I resided in Baltimore, Maryland, the Orioles went wire to wire in first place in the American League East. The losing didn’t start until I left.

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